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Easy Warm Floors is a leading manufacturer of radiant floor heating. We have been supplying quality electric floor heating systems directly to our customers for more than 16 years. Visit our online quote generator or call us today to see how we can provide you with the perfect floor heating solution for your home or project.

What we can offer with our Floor Heating:

  • A wide range of radiant floor heating options, including indoor floor heating for the home, driveway heating, and soil heating for gardens

  • A system that can save you money from the initial purchase to lowering your monthly energy bills

  • Technical training, manuals for easy and efficient installation, a computerized layout showing you the easiest way to install your electric floor heating mat, and more

  • Friendly and helpful customer service that can be reached by phone (866-225-9198), email, text message, instant message, or whatever works best for you

  • Customer assistance at every step of the project, from the time you order, to years after installation of your underfloor heating system

  • A list of contractors that are experts in installing our radiant floor heating systems


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    Most popular areas to use electric floor heating :

    1) Floor heating mats in Bathrooms

    2) Radiant floor heating in Kitchens

    3) Underfloor heating in Additions

    4) Heated Driveways

    5) Electric floor heating in Living Rooms