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 Heated Floor Mat For Kitchen or Sunroom

NetMat heated floors
for Tile and stone in Bathroom

QuickMat electric floor heating
LVMat System;
for Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

QuickMat electric floor heating
Quickmat Plus Membrane System for Bathrooms and Kitchens
Membrane QuickMat Plus
Underwood Foil System
 For LivingRoom or Sunroom

MeltMat System
 For Driveway or Walkways


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Easy Warm Floors is a leading manufacturer of radiant floor heating seance the nineties. We have been supplying quality electric floor heating systems directly to our customers for more than 25 years. Visit our online quote generator or call us today to see how we can provide you with the perfect floor heating solution for your home or project.

Here Is the List of our Systems Improvements:

  • Our QuickMat System is now even easier to install with improved adhesive and the cold leads have been consolidated on one end of the mat so you can easily connect it to an upgraded Wifi Programmable Thermostat

  • Our NetMat Systems improved fiberglass mesh is now stronger and has a better adhesiveness to hold it to the floor during your installation. Tie it into a Wifi thermostat and you will be able to control your system while on the go.

  • The Membrane Heating Systems uncoupling membrane is specially engineered for use with our stronger and more durable heating wire. Use it under your tile floor and run it from anywhere with a Wifi Thermostat upgrade.

  • The FoilMat thicker foil construction gives you an increased thermal mass to store and spread its heat. Use it along with the Wifi programmable thermostat upgrade to have the floor warm and cozy for whenever you are using the space.

  • Friendly and helpful customer service that can be reached by phone (866-225-9198), email, text message, instant message, or whatever works best for you

  • Customer assistance at every step of the project, from the time you order, to years after installation of your underfloor heating system

  • A list of contractors that are experts in installing our radiant floor heating systems


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    Most popular areas to use electric floor heating :

    Our cold basement is now our 2nd family room

    heat sunroom

    My Cold Bathroom Solution

    Heated floor mat

    Comment about heated floor mat

    Underfloor heating

    Floor Cover selection

    Tile Floor Cover selection

    Heated Floor With Free Uncoupling Membrane

    1) Floor heating mats in Bathrooms

    2) Radiant floor heating in Kitchens

    3) Underfloor heating in Additions

    4) Heated Driveways

    5) Electric floor heating in Living Rooms

    How to pick the right system for your application:

    1 Area type The area type will affect the available space to put the heating elements affecting both the material coverage as well as heat output.

    2 Subfloor type The type of the subfloor will have a big impact on energy heat loss in conjunction with local codes.

    3 Floor cover type Selecting the right heating element with the right output is important to getting the best performance from the system. .

    4 Electrical load available The area type, subfloor type, floor covering, type of heating system and project location will all affect the total load required. We will calculate this for you to ensure a successful installation.

    5 Secondary/Main heating system The system type will depend on the type of construction you are doing.

    6 Available floor height Each system has a different thickness and will be embedded in different ways in your floor structure.

    7 Control Type A variety of thermostats are available which will need to meet the system’s requirements, look of the space as well as be placed in a convenient location to operate the system.

    8 Construction Type All systems are suitable for new construction but some systems are a better solution than others for renovations.

    9 Who is installing it? We will provide a complete kit, instruction and customer support to suit a successful installation by a first time or seasoned installer.

    10 Project location Location can play a role in determining the type and strength of system needed. We can walk you through it to make sure you get what you need.