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When is the QuickMat the best choice?

Easy Warm Floor's Quickmat is a unique option for those wishing to add heated flooring to a room. Aluminum tape strips are used to both shape the heating cable and adhere the mat to the floor. More of the base floor will be exposed after the heating mat installation when using this design. More exposed sub-floor means more surface area. This is especially helpful when dealing with floor covering that requires tile mortar, the most common of which is thin-set.

The mesh style floor heating mats can cover the entire floor, Tile mortar cannot seep through the small holes in the mesh. If thin-set is only applied on top of the mat the tile will mostly be sticking to the mat, not the sub-floor. The only way to get around this is to apply the tile mortar both below and above the heating cable mat. Not only will this make the job more difficult but you will also need to buy more tile mortar. That's why Quickmat is the best solution for heating under tile.

The advantages don't stop there. Quickmat design allows for the easiest customization of layout on-site. What does this mean? Well, lets say after the floor heating layout was completed a decision gets made to move an appliance like a refrigerator or a permanent cabinet fixture without addressing this change in the heating cable layout. Simply by cutting the adhesive strips the wiring can make unplanned turns fast and easy. The cables can also be offset to make runs more narrow or for abnormal corners.

Installers love the Quickmat design. It saves time, money, and headaches by being simple and flexible. For all of the Quickmat's advantages the mesh style is desirable in many situations. Find out more about when the Netmat design is the best choice for floor heating.

Available as both 12 and 15 amp systems, the Quickmat can heat your floor fast. Whether under stone, tile, laminate, or any other type of floor covering Quickmat and Netmat combine for a line that gives you the best options to heat part of or your entire home. Easy Warm Floor's Sales and service experts can tell you exactly which system is right for you. Call 866-886-4328 to find out.