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Elevate your living space to the epitome of heated floor luxury with the Cable Install Membrane. Our exclusive offer not only provides the warmth of a 15 watts per square foot floor heating system but also includes a free uncoupling membrane, ensuring protection against cracks and settling of the subfloor.

Why Choose Cable Membrane with Free Uncoupling Membrane?

  • 15 Watts Per Square Foot: Revel in the luxurious warmth generated by our 15 watts per square foot efficient floor heating system.

  • Crack and Settling Protection: Safeguard your floors against cracks and settling with the included free uncoupling membrane.

  • One-Stop Shopping Convenience: Enjoy the ease of one-stop shopping for all your electric heated floor needs.

  • Seamless Integration: Cable Install Membrane seamlessly integrates with industry-leading uncoupling membranes such as (ALL SN).

  • Worry-Free Satisfaction: Explore testimonials from delighted customers who have experienced the satisfaction of a worry-free heated floor with Cable Membrane and the free uncoupling membrane.

Ready to transform your space? Dial 866-225-9198 to discuss your project or use our online quote tool for a speedy estimate. Elevate your comfort and savings with Cable Membrane and the complimentary uncoupling membrane.

How to Use Our Online Quote System

STEP A. Select the first room to install your radiant floor heating.

STEP B. Now we need to know the area of that room in square feet. Measure the length and width of that room and multiply those measurements, or use our easy sizing tool below to estimate.

Repeat this process for up to five rooms, then Proceed to Step 2 to complete the design process.

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