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Electric underfloor heating not only keeps the toes warm and creates comfort. It is also both easy and cheap to install. In turn, it can give you a galloping electricity bill and should therefore be used sparingly. Photo:
What is electric underfloor heating?

Electric underfloor heating is underfloor heating that is based on a network of electrical wires that become hot when electricity flows through them. The wires can either be cast into a concrete floor or laid under a wooden floor in the same way as water-based underfloor heating.

The electrical wires are typically attached to a net, so-called mats that are rolled out where the heat in the floor should be. The mats are about 2-4 mm thick.
What rules apply to electric underfloor heating?

In general, it is not legal to establish electricity as the primary heating source in a house located in an area that is supplied with either gas or district heating. It is approx. 75 percent of all homes in Denmark, and primarily these are homes in the cities. Detached houses in the countryside usually have their own central heating system.

There are certain exceptions where you may well use electricity for heating and thus electric underfloor heating:

If there was already electric heating in your home in 1994, when the rules came into force.
In an extension to a house with electric heating, where a completely new heating system is not established.
If there are technical conditions that make it disproportionately expensive to install a more environmentally friendly heat source.
As a supplementary heat source, for example for heating exterior rooms, attics or rooms that are rarely used.
In holiday homes, holiday homes, allotment garden houses, etc.
Limited electric heating in bathroom floors, so-called comfort heating.

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Section of a smaller bathroom with electric underfloor heating

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