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How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work?

Easy Warm Floor's underfloor heating mesh is a specially designed weave of protected electrical cable that works on the principle of electrical resistance. These floor heating mats are laid out beneath the flooring surface during new constructions or renovations to an existing home. The cables are then connected to a thermostat allowing you to program your radiant floor heating system to suit your individual needs.

When you use an electric floor heating system, the heat spreads evenly throughout the flooring surface where it radiates upwards to heat the room. Since materials such as hardwood and tile retain heat, the room will continue to be warmed even after the system is turned off. This can translate into a savings of $200 per year or more on your energy bill.

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floor heating demonstration
without floor heating - cold floor
underfloor heating demo
with floor heating

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Benefits of underfloor heating include:

  • No noise
  • No fans
  • No 'blow' drying of the air
  • No loss of valuable floor space to unsightly radiators or floor grates
  • Environmentally friendly

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