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About Easy Warm Floor's Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Easy Warm Floor has been providing U.S. made, UL approved floor heating solutions for nearly two decades. Unlike other heating suppliers, we not only sell floor heating products, but we also manufacture them in our on-site facility. With none of the overhead of a retail outlet or online reseller, we can assure that you're getting the most competitive pricing in the industry. For example, some smaller spaces, like a bathroom, could incorporate heated flooring for under $400!

Our service department and engineering staff also works in house to provide live support. Whether you need advice on choosing the right product, technical support, or drawings on how to lay out your floor heating mats, you'll always speak directly to a member of our team.

Call today and we will provide:

  • Advice on selecting the right product for your specific application
  • Quotes with room-by-room mat size recommendations, power requirements, and pricing information for Easy Warm Floor and our competitors
  • Easy-to-follow installation manuals
  • Answers to any of your floor heating questions

About Our Product

Easy Warm Floor manufactures a variety of floor heating solutions. These include electric floor heating mats, water based radiant heating, and electromagnetically shielded solutions. The reason we manufacture and sell so many options is because we want to ensure that our customers can select the product that's right for their specific application, and not just what's in stock. When you call, you'll also be able to take advantage of Easy Warm Floor's personalized shopping experience by speaking to one of our onsite engineers before making your final selection.

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