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MeltMat™ from Easy Warm Floor

Let it snow... and then watch it melt. Easy Warm Floor will show you the beauty of winter this year with out all the trouble of shoveling your walkways and driveways. MeltMat is a Snow Melting System designed for both New and Existing Driveways/Walkways of all types.

With Snow Sensing Technology built in, the MeltMat System offers simple Outdoor and Indoor Controlling Options. The MeltMat System will be designed specifically for your driveway/walkway to help maximize value. Easy Warm Floor offers both a 120V and 240V heated driveway mat.

Like all of our products, MeltMat is maunfactured and distributed exclusively by Easy Warm Floor, ensuring the lowest prices in the industry. For example, some smaller patios could incorporate electric heating for under $700!

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Existing or New Walkway/Driveway Installation:

MeltMat will work with nearly any type of driveway/walkway, including: Tile, Pavement, Concrete, Blacktop, and other surface types.

Existing Walkway/Driveway Installation: Installing into an existing walkway/driveway is a straightforward solution that will not jeopardize the integrity of the driveway or walkway. Installation is done by sewing a 1/2 inch wide slot that goes up to 2 inches deep so that the rebar frame will not be cut. The heating element is then sealed in, allowing the cable to be placed directly into the existing driveway/walkway.

Snow Melt Controller Options:

Outdoor Controller System has a Snow Sensor which will activate the MeltMat as snow begins to land on the walkway/driveway with an outdoor controller option.

Indoor Controller System also has Snow Sensing to activate the MeltMat as snow begins to fall on the driveway/walkway. Additionally, from inside your home you can program the system for vacation settings to prevent snow melting when it is not needed.

Large Box Controller will be required based on your coverage area.

Snow Melt Power Options:

The amount of amps required are based on your area in square feet. If the amps required exceeds 16 amps, a Large Area Box will be required to run the snow melting system.

  • 120V - Cover up to 40 sq'ft' with Outdoor /Indoor Controller, 45 sq'ft' and above requires the Large Area Box
  • 240V - Cover up to 90 sq'ft' with Outdoor /Indoor Controller, 100 sq'ft' and above requires the Large Area Box

Snow Melting Coverage Area:

MeltMat may be installed to cover the entire driveway/walkway or partial portions of the driveway/walkway in a tire formation, helping limit the amount of square footage needed. Full Coverage for a driveway/walkway will keep the entire area completely free of snow, whereas tire track coverage will keep a clear path for a car and prevent snow build up against the garage door and the base of the street that often gets covered by plows.

Snow Melting Mat Technical Info:

Coverage Area:
9 to 113 Sq Ft per unit
18' and 30' Inch
Cable Thickness:
1/4' Inch
120V or 240V
Watt per Sq'ft:
35 or 45

MeltMat is designed to heat the surface of an outdoor area to temperatures snow and ice cannot freeze upon. MeltMat systems are made from high quality DuPont heating cable insulation allowing for high wattage output. With the Snow MeltMat, flexible fiberglass mesh is used to arrange the heating cables in an easily shaped mat. High quality heating cables are woven into 12 inch or 18 inch wide mats which are between 10 and 80 ft long. The spacing of the wires is 3 inches apart. The flexible mesh has adhesive in the back in order to hold the product layout to the surface during installation. The cold leads are 15 ft long.


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MeltMat Loose Cable MeltMatover
Loose Cable


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Outdoor controller with snow sensor Indoor Controller with snow sensor Large area power support
Outdoor Controller with snow sensor
Indoor Controller with outside snow sensor
Large Area Power Support



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Existing Driveway
Existing Driveway
Concrete Floor
Pavement Floor Tile Floor
Pavement Floor
Tile Floor




Driveway Full Cover Driveway Tire Track Cover Driveway and Walkway full cover
Driveway Full Cover
Driveway Tire Track Cover
Driveway & Walkway Full Cover-
Driveway Tire Track And Part Walkway Cover


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