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Underlayment with QuickHwire for Tile Floor

  • Easy to install
  • Quality Du Pont heating cables
  • Fits any size or shape room

Welcome to the QuickHwire

This heated floor system uses thin fabric strips designed to create the proper spacing while allowing the thin-set tile adhesive to bond easily through to the membrane eliminating air bubbles that the heat type “nubbed” membranes can create.

Easy Warm Floor’s QuickHwire design allows the installer to roll out the material and shape it in the space as needed.

Its fabric adhesive strips won’t block the tile adhesive from bonding correctly to the substrate.

Easy Warm Floor’s QuickHwire System combined with a standard uncoupling membrane has a lower total profile and won’t raise the floor as much as the other floor heat membrane and wire systems.

The QuickHwire will save installation time by negating the need to space out the wire in the heat type membranes.

STEP A. Select the first room to install your radiant floor heating.

STEP B. Now we need to know the area of that room in square feet. Measure the length and width of that room and multiply those measurements, or use our easy sizing tool below to estimate.

Repeat this process for up to five rooms, then Proceed to Step 2 to complete the design process.

8 ft. long →

Room Size:
40 sq. ft.

5 ft. wide


The minimum total area of the room has to be at least 20ft²

Area Type Room Size (ft²) Thermostat

ft.² 1

ft.² 1

ft.² 1

ft.² 1

ft.² 1

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Easy Warm Floor’s QuickHwire is available in both 120 Volt and 240 Volt floor warming systems.

120 Volt – recommended for the following situations.

Bathrooms less than 240 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.

Bedrooms less than 180 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.

Living Rooms less than 160 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.

Kitchens less than 200 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.

240 Volt – can be used in an unlimited amount of space.

In cases where the space is too large for 120 Volt and a 240 Volt is unavailable we will gladly provide a diagram so that you may setup the 120 Volt. In these cases, additional work may be required by your electrician.

Easy Warm Floor’s QuickHwire offers up to 15 Watts per sq.ft. 

With 15 Watt per sq. ft. the heated floor mats can be used as a primary heat source when needed.

Easy Warm Floor’s QuickHwire is suitable for use with any uncoupling membrane brands and under any tile type floors.


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