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QuickMat™ Electric Floor Heating Mats

Easy Warm Floor's QuickMat™ is the solution for radiant floor heating installations under tile surfaces. It's wide open design leaves enough of the sub flooring exposed so that only one layer of Thin Set, Mastic, or mortar is required. Built-in adhesive saves time by simplifying installations. In some cases you could lay your QuickMat and flooring in the same day!

Like all of our products, QuickMat is maunfactured and distributed exclusively by Easy Warm Floor, ensuring the lowest prices in the industry. For example, some smaller bathrooms could incorporate heated flooring for under $200!

Interactive Heated Floor Electric load Planner

We have created a user frendly online tool to analize your load for having a heated floor system installed.

Simply Click here to enter your address and the online tool will analyze the system can be install in as well as the cost to install

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Easy Warm Floor QuickMat™ Technical Info

  • Easy Warm Floor's radiant floor heating system utilizes a floor temperature-sensing thermostat, which can hold up to 16-Amps. By choosing the proper voltage we can accommodate up to 290 sq. ft. on a single thermostat
  • Flexible aluminum strips are used to arrange the heating cables in an easy shaped mat which can accomodate rooms of any size or shape
  • High quality heating cables are woven into 12 inch (30 cm) or 18 inch (50 cm) wide mats which are between 6 feet (2m) and 72 feet (24m) long
  • The spacing of the wires is 8.2 cm apart, and the cold leads are 9 feet (3m) long
  • Our QuickMat™ Radiant heating systems are made from high quality Du Pont heating cables
  • Thin 1/8 in. cable thickness


- Easy Warm Floor has the only mat on the market that leaves 75% of the surface free for the tile's adhesive.


- The heating cable has a special connection to the cold leads by high-quality insulation tubes.

Cold Leads

- Copper cable with a double layer of P.V.C. installation. The leads are rated 105c.


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