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Quick Mat Plus

As a leading innovator in floor heating systems for over 20 years, Easy Warm Floor understands how important it is to provide your clients with the best possible flooring solutions for their homes. We are thrilled to introduce QuickMat Plus, our state-of-the-art 15 watts/sq ft radiant floor heating system.

Quick Mat Plus Nubs

QuickMat 15 w/sq ft with Crack Prevention and with Nubless Uncoupling Membrane Floor Create the Perfect QuickMat Plus Floor Heating System.

Unparalleled Performance, Warmth, and Durability on The Market

Take a look at the difference between the QuickMat Plus 15w system vs a 12w system nub uncoupling membrane


Feature QuickMat Plus 15w Floor Heating System Nub Uncoupling Membrane 12w Floor Heating System
Membrane Type Nubless membrane for maximum heat distribution from heating cables embedded 100% in the mortar Cable embedded in the nub membrane
Wattage Output Provides 15 watts per square foot, 25% more power output Provides 12 watts per square foot
Heating Area Can cover up to 130 square feet per unit May only cover up to 100 square feet per unit
Heating Speed Will heat up the area faster to reach your set temperature. May have a slower heating time
Desired Temperature Will maintain your desired temperature on colder days or in low R-value buildings. You may need to reduce your desired temperature.
Recommended Use Superior heating in areas where heat is required most of the year or to be used as supplemental heat Suitable as supplemental heat
Installation No special training or onsite designing required = zero mistakes, Training and onsite design required = more probability for mistakes.


QuickMat Plus is a cutting-edge 15 watts/sq ft floor heating system designed specifically for under tile or stone flooring projects. This self-adhesive system offers a hassle-free installation, enabling your contractors to complete both your client’s floor heating and flooring installation in a single day.


Watt Comparision

QuickMat Plus stands out from other floor heating systems on the market by offering 25% more power output compared to standard 12 watt systems.


Two QuickMat Products To Select From

The QuickMat 15w/sqft and the QuickMat Plus Nubless Uncoupling Membrane 15w/sqft both offer maximum performance, warmth, even & consistent heating and easy-to-installation.


Quick Mat Product

QuickMat Floor Heating System

The QuickMat Floor Heating System incorporates aluminum strips to organize the heating cables into an easily shaped mat while still leaving 75% of the flooring surface free for tile adhesive. This results in a superior bond between the floor heating unit and the sub-floor. The floor heating mat is only 1/8-inch thick, allowing for seamless integration into virtually any room.

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Quick Mat Product

QuickMat Plus Nubless Uncoupling Membrane

U.S. Floor Heating offers the maximum performance, warmth, crack prevention, and easy-to-install waterproofing capabilities on the market. By combining our superior QuickMat 15 watts/sq ft floor heating system with the top-notch RedGard nubless uncoupling membrane, your clients will experience unparalleled flooring durability and long-lasting 15 watts/sq ft heated floor performance. Suitable for use under a variety of flooring materials, including ceramic tile, natural stone tile, and luxury vinyl

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Select The Right QuickMat Floor Heating System

QuickMat QuickMat Plus Nubless Uncoupling Membrane
Vinyl Tile Ceramic Tile
Decorative Concrete Porcelain Tile
Hardwood Natural Stone Tile
Engineered Marble Tile
Luxury Vinyl Slate Tile
Laminate Granite Tile
Floating Floor Travertine Tile
Carpet Terracotta Tile
Epoxy Limestone Tile
Vinyl Plank Glass Tiles


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If you're ready to offer your clients a high performance 15 watt/sq ft radiant floor heating system with crack prevention, contact us today to learn more about QuickMat Plus. Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have and help you get started with your next project.

Thank you for considering Easy Warm Floor as your go-to source for floor heating solutions. We look forward to working with you on your next new home build or remodel project.