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Easy Warm Floor's SoilMat™ Soil Heating System

SoilMat soil heatingEasy Warm Floor's SoilMat can be used for propagation or localised heat and is designed for maximum flexibility for busy gardeners. A plug-in unit that rolls up easily when not in use, heat mats are ideal for raising soil temperature around roots by about 10 - 30 º F and can be used with a basic propagator or seed trays.

Easy Warm Floor's flexible fiberglass mesh is used to arrange the heating cables in an easy shaped solil heating mat. Our SoilMat Radiant heating systems are made from high quality DuPont heating cables.

SoilMat is equipped with self-adhesive which makes the installation much easier and faster.

Easy Warm Floor's SoilMat soil heating system is an easy to install DIY product.

soil heating cable only
Cable only

soil heating mat
Cable embedded in mat

Easy Warm Floor's SoilMat Tech Info:

* Our Soilmat Radiant heating systems are made from high quality DuPont heating cables
* Thin 1/8 in. heating cable thickness
* Fits any size or shape area or table
* When using on a table we recomend the use of Thin-Set or any leveling compound in order to secure the heating cable for repeated use
* Volt - 120 or 240 volt.
* Watt per sq ft - 10, 12, 15 or 20 w/sq ft
* Width – 12 or 18 inch width mat
* Sizes - from 9 up to 113 sq ft per unit


- The heating cable has a special connection to the cold leads by high-quality insulation tubes.

Cold leads

- Copper cable with a double layer of P.V.C. installation. The leads are rated 105c.