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Membrane HeatCable ™ from Easy Warm Floor

Easy Warm Floor's proprietary Membrane HeatCable is your solution for a loose cable underfloor heating project. We understand that some projects demand a little bit more flexibility and customization. Membrane HeatCable remedies that situation by allowing you to lay the heating cable customized to your particular needs. No matter the shape, size, or any unique obsticles that may be in your way, Membrane HeatCable can easily be the answer to your custom project..


Interactive Heated Floor Electric load Planner

We have created a user frendly online tool to analize your load for having a heated floor system installed.

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About Membrane HeatCable

  • Our Membrane HeatCable Radiant heating systems are made from high quality Du Pont heating cables
  • Thin 1/8 in. cable thickness
  • Fits any size or shape room
  • Possible to install the Membrane HeatCable and lay your floor all in the same day!

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Product code 44-XXX-G-XXX-XXXX
Heating cord Resistance wire
First insulation ETFE 0.3 mm
Grounding Thin Copper Wire
Second insulation P.V.C105 c 1.2 mm
Total thickness 3.5 mm
Max Watts for linear meter 18 w/m
Watts per sq.ft. 10, 15, 16, 20
Voltage 120/240
cover area 10-120 sq.ft.

Heating Cable

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