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Why Choose QuickMat Cable Membrane with Free Uncoupling Membrane?

• Revel in the warmth of a 15 watts per square foot floor heating system.

• Safeguard your floors against cracks and settling with the included uncoupling membrane.

• Enjoy one-stop shopping convenience for all your heated floor needs.

QuickMat Cable Membrane seamlessly integrates with leading uncoupling membranes:

Discover the satisfaction of a worry-free heated floor as shared by our delighted customers in their testimonials. QuickMat Cable Membrane and the free uncoupling membrane make for a winning combination.

Ready to transform your space? Dial 866-225-9198 to discuss your project or use our online quote tool for a speedy estimate. Elevate your comfort and savings with QuickMat Cable Membrane and the complimentary uncoupling membrane.