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Prodeso uncoupling membrane with EWF heated floor under Slab in Alameda - CA

Easy Warm Floor’s Membrane Floor Heating System is a heated floor system designed with an uncoupling membrane. An uncoupling membrane adds efficiency and longevity to your floor by creating a barrier from the subfloor and protecting against any future settling or movement.

There are 2 ways to incorporate a heated floor with an (Prodeso uncoupling membrane for Slab in CA). Loose wire can be spaced out over a nubbed membrane made by (Prodeso for Slab in CA) or heating mats can be laid over a (Prodeso nubless uncoupling membrane for Slab in CA).

Using the nubbed membrane In (CA) with loose wire floor heating is a solution for small and oddly shaped areas (Slab). The Prodeso) nubs will help you keep the wire in place and keep the proper spacing.

The Prodeso nubless membrane and QuickMat floor heating called QuickMat Plus for (Slab) design automatically creates the proper spacing to heat the floor in (CA) and allows thin-set tile adhesive or leveling cement layer to bond through to the membrane surface in CA. Its design also allows the installer to quickly roll out the material and shape it in the space as needed.

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